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Design is more than beautiful things. Design turns objects that we use into objects that are beautiful and usable in the best possible way.

I have been working as a designer in various areas since 1996. The core is the design of car interiors. My main focus is on the transportation of people in general.

These include cable cars and small electric scooters.

The creation of beautifully shaped surfaces and the implementation of functions for best usability are goals that I always put first.

Over the years as a team leader I have been responsible for many show car interiors. A job that has always fascinated me as a team player. I like to organize processes that meet the technical requirements and strength of the colleagues.

Since the beginning of my career, I have used the most advanced digital methods to design products.

For more than a decade, additive manufacturing has become increasingly important for my design. The combination of traditional processes with additive manufacturing to optimize cost requirements and adaptability is a new goal that brings innovations to the mass market.

Knowing how to implement a variety of additive manufacturing techniques can help my customers bring exciting new products to market.


Creating beautyfull, usefull and meaningfull products


ComputerAidedStyling. Realizing the design intend as digital data, ready to do renderings or to hand it over to engineers

Virtual Reality

- and high end visualization. Design needs to be presented so we made it a core competency

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